transphysics: istwa, landscapes, paisajes

transphysics: istwa, landscapes, paisajes

curated by william cordova

The works selected by curator, william cordova, in this group exhibition represent four generations of South Florida artists whose practice is informed and rooted in the geography, community, and multi-cultural diversity of the region. These are artists who have endured and evolved as South Florida has changed, and yet still transcend the boundaries of expectation.

“We should want … [our] relationship to space to evoke architecture as it is informed by the humanities, not architecture simply as a technical art.” -LaVerne Wells-Bowie (Art On My Mind: Visual Politics: bell hooks)

The exhibition offers a glimpse into the prism of South Florida art through sculpture, painting, drawing, audio and film. The works are derived from many different parts of the region and utilize a variety of concepts and scale. Exhibiting artists include the late Purvis Young, the first real home-grown talent whose prolific and complex work gained international critical acclaim well before the 2000s; Karen Rifas, whose expansive site-specific ephemeral installations have been a trademark and influence on the ever-evolving local scene since the 1970s; Robert Thiele, the first Florida artist to be included in the prestigious Whitney Biennial (1975); Juana Valdes, whose work has been included in various biennials, including the Havana and SITE Santa Fe biennials, and yet locally goes unnoticed by major museums; and Onajide Shabaka, visual artist, anthropologist, botanist and writer, a cultural practitioner whose artistic depth and contributions remain unmatched. These are only a few of the many practitioners whose works will be highlighted in this survey of a southern Florida collective.

“those who ain’t got it can’t show it, those who got it can’t hide it” — Zora Neale Hurston

Dona Altemus, Kevin Arrow, Warren Bailey, PabloCano,Rosemarie
Chiarlone, Yanira Collado, Lou Anne Colodny, Sharon Lee Hart, Babette Herschberger, Peter Hosfeld, Robert Huff, Michiko Kurisu, Rhea Leonard, Laura Luna, Ena Marrero, Donald McKnight, Robert Mcknight, Gean Moreno, Arturo E. Mosquera, Glexis Novoa, Aramis O’Riley, Charo Oquet, Ernesto Oroza,Jorge Pantoja, Kerry Phillips, Carlos Prim, Ralph Provisero, Karen Rifas,David Rohn, Alexis Sanfield, Onajide Shabaka, Barron Sherer, Noelle Theard, Robert Thiele, Kristen Thiele, Rick Ulysse, Juana Valdes, Izel Vargas, Susan Weiss, Purvis Young.

Nov. 5, 2016 – Jan. 8, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

inscribing: meditations on time and space

inscribing: meditations on time and space

Reception • Sunday •  September 13, 2015  • 4-6PM

A project focusing on the evidence or our human presence through photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. Our gestures, stories, recorded moments, building abstract narratives that include geometry, text, the figure and textiles.     -william cordova 


susan weiss

karen rifas

michiko kuriso

hiram maristany

kristen thiele

yanira collado

robert mcknight

lou anne colodny

alexis sanfield

alejandro valencia

carlos sandoval de leon

ilka hartmann

donald mcknight

ena marrero

onajide shabaka

warren bailey

leslie hewitt

ernesto oroza

rick ulysse


rosemarie chiarlone


Over the past two years, Guccivuitton has staked out a unique position that meditates on the rich history of artist-run galleries while presenting content that reflects authentic regional material and vernacular culture. The exhibition at ICA Miami demonstrates the collective’s interests in challenging notions of authorship, the traditional role of the artist and the value accorded to institutional structures.

Within ICA Miami’s Atrium Gallery, the artists are creating a four-story salesroom with customized storage racks, designed in collaboration with Jonathan Gonzalez, principal of the design firm Office GA. These racks are the primary aesthetic feature of the installation and speak to the artists’ ongoing interest in equalizing fine art, folk art, and design. Within the racks, unsold works are hung and arranged by scale and medium to emphasize their commodity status, and to suggest questions of value inherent to a gallery or museum. Works are available until sold, and any visitor can additionally function as a dealer, selling inventory to a collector.

Featured artists include: Scott Armetta, ART404, Loriel Beltran, Gabriel Bien-Aime, Brian Booth, Cristine Brache, Murat Brierre, Juan Carballo, Tomm El-Saieh, Phillip Estlund, Chayo Frank, Lafortune Felix, Jonathan Gonzalez, Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Peter Goodrich, Guyodo, Jason Hedges, Georges Liautaud, Luxury Face (Ida Eritsland, Geir Haraldseth and Agatha Wara in collaboration with Bjørnar Pedersen), Hugo Montoya, Joseriberto Perez, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Robert St. Bryce, Rick Ulysse.

the past is more infinite than the future

the past is more infinite than the future focuses on the transformation of organic/non-organic evidence of our presence in the contemporary landscape through sculpture, drawing, print and film. Some of the oldest ways of expressing and documenting the human experience has been through mark making and print. Lines connecting like maps with other lines inter-connecting tracks, bridging between past, presence and futures. 


NSU Art Museum launched Research and Development, a series of artist residencies that provide artists with essential time and resources to further their work and apply their creativity to social issues. In its inaugural program, the museum invited South Florida artists Natasha Lopez De Victoria, Rick Ulysse, Tom Scicluna, Agustina Woodgate, and Antonia Wright, to use the Museumís second floor gallery as studios and develop new projects addressing issues of homelessness and belonging. Participating artists also led art workshops dealing with homelessness and belonging with the Broward Partnership, which operates the Central Homeless Assistance Center, a local shelter for the homeless.

The Look

Guccivuitton is pleased to announce a group exhibition The Look. A survey of artworks that addresses the perceptions and expectations of Haitian Culture through the awareness of artists and their audience.

In the 2005 French drama, Vers le sud (Heading South), Charlotte Rampling, coined “The Look” by Dirk Bogarde for her mysterious yet tragic gaze, plays Ellen, a member of a group of middle aged white women that visit a sleepy seaside hotel on the coast of Haiti with the sole purpose of sharing companionship with young male locals. The film portrays the illicit yet discreet exchange between the women’s desire to supplant their unfulfilled romantic needs and the local boy’s need to escape their political and socioeconomic status.

Likewise Haiti’s cultural output has been steeped in a romance of sorts between the expectations of tourists and visitors looking to acquire a memento of their experience in Haiti and the perceptions of the indigenous artists and artisans that produce to meet this demand. This exhibitions hopes to introduce an archeological & phenomenological examination that has led to an aesthetic cross pollination of possibilities from this unique artist/consumer paradigm.

Featuring Artists: Gabriel Bien-Aimé, Murat Brierre, Lafortune Felix, Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Guyodo, Georges Liautaud, Marron et Masqué, Tomm El-Saieh, Serge Toussaint, Robert St.Brice, Rick Ulysse

Palimpsest curated by william cordova


Palimpsest curated by william cordova

October 4, 2013

palimpsest |ˈpalimpˌsest|

a manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but of which traces remain.• something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form: Sutton Place is a palimpsestof the taste of successive owners.
palimpsestic |ˌpalimpˈsestik|adjective
IN mid 17th cent.: via Latin from Greek palimpsēstos,from palin ‘again’ + psēstos‘rubbed smooth.’


Friday, October 04, 2013


dona altemus

yanira collado

purvis young

gary moore

rick ulysse

salvator la rosa

regina agu

lou anne colodny

leslie hewitt

gene moreno


Collectors and artist worldwide marked MOCA’s 15th Anniversary in its Joan Lehman Building with major donations to the museum collection. Pivot Points: 15 Years and Counting showcases these recent acquisitions and works by many of the artists who are part of MOCA’s history. Among the featured artists are: Rita Ackermann, assume vivid astro focus, Bhakti Baxter, Tom Burr, Joseph Cornell, Nicole Eisenman, Inka Essenhigh, Naomi Fisher, Mark Handforth, Roni Horn, Ragnar Kjartansson, Pepe Mar, Malcolm Morley, Albert Oehlen, Gabriel Orozco, Jorge Pantoja, Jack Pierson, Matthew Ritchie, Onajide Shabaka, Yinka Shonibare, Xaviera Simmons, Robert Therrien, Ryan Trecartin, Rick Ulysse, James Welling, Juan Carlos Zaldivar and others.


In 2005, MOCA, North Miami launched an experimental program in which South Florida artists swapped their studio spaces for space in the museum’s galleries for the period of two months. For Trading Places 2, the second installment of this program, MOCA has invited five Miami artists: Dona Altemus, Onajide Shabaka, Magnus Sigurdarson, Rick Ulysse and Antonia Wright to participate.  The emphasis of Trading Places 2 is on the research and development of projects rather than specifically working toward an exhibition, although works may be exhibited or performed at the museum. The artists selected have reached critical moments in their careers when they can most benefit from the opportunity to work with MOCA’s curatorial and technical staff.   This program provides them with studio space, materials and technical assistants, and opportunities to interact, respond to and investigate each others’ practices and engage in periodic discussions with the public. A new component of Trading Places 2 is the role these artists will play mentoring the teens and young adults enrolled in MOCA’s free afterschool education programs, as part of the MOCA Art Institute. Trading Places 2 is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami under the direction of MOCA Executive Director and Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater.

Clearwater notes, “One of the essential aspects of any art community is the interaction between its artists. Trading Places helps to forge a stronger relationship between multi-generational artists and the students they mentor and to engage the public in the creative process.”

September 13 - November 11, 2012