The Look

Guccivuitton is pleased to announce a group exhibition The Look. A survey of artworks that addresses the perceptions and expectations of Haitian Culture through the awareness of artists and their audience.

In the 2005 French drama, Vers le sud (Heading South), Charlotte Rampling, coined “The Look” by Dirk Bogarde for her mysterious yet tragic gaze, plays Ellen, a member of a group of middle aged white women that visit a sleepy seaside hotel on the coast of Haiti with the sole purpose of sharing companionship with young male locals. The film portrays the illicit yet discreet exchange between the women’s desire to supplant their unfulfilled romantic needs and the local boy’s need to escape their political and socioeconomic status.

Likewise Haiti’s cultural output has been steeped in a romance of sorts between the expectations of tourists and visitors looking to acquire a memento of their experience in Haiti and the perceptions of the indigenous artists and artisans that produce to meet this demand. This exhibitions hopes to introduce an archeological & phenomenological examination that has led to an aesthetic cross pollination of possibilities from this unique artist/consumer paradigm.

Featuring Artists: Gabriel Bien-Aimé, Murat Brierre, Lafortune Felix, Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, Guyodo, Georges Liautaud, Marron et Masqué, Tomm El-Saieh, Serge Toussaint, Robert St.Brice, Rick Ulysse